The project

I protagonisti del fumetto "L'attimo decisivo"

"L'attimo decisivo" is a project by I Don't Take Risks designed for young students in secondary schools to raise awareness about the risks we all face, whether natural or caused by human activities. The project's primary goal is to promote awareness, that means having the knowledge and ability to take effective action, transforming knowledge into practical skills. To achieve this, I Don't Take Risks have always adopted a storytelling approach to connect with people and actively engage them. This initiative, promoted by the Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies - Civil Protection Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit, draws upon the expertise of communication and storytelling professionals.

The comic strip "L'attimo decisivo" has been accessible to all secondary school students. On October 13, the International Day for Risk Reduction, it has been discussed, explored, and read in classrooms with the guidance of teachers.

To further assist teachers, we have developed supplementary materials. These include six video lectures, each approximately 15 minutes long, in which experts from the scientific and civil protection community delve into the topics addressed in the comic strip.